On May 13, Governor Inslee announced Washington State is on course to lift its broad COVID-19 economic restrictions by June 30, possibly sooner and that starting immediately, fully vaccinated people will have fewer requirements regarding mask-wearing. The announcement is encouraging as we are all wanting to get back to the life we remember before COVID-19.

At Suds we are discussing what this means for our business and how we operate keeping our staff and clients safe.  We anticipate it will be a few weeks to develop our new policy for mask wearing and until then, there is no change to our current COVID-19 policies:

  • Facial masks must be worn to enter the spa and must be kept on at all times while in the spa. We have disposable masks available should you forget yours or need a replacement while with us.
  • Social distancing: Please practice distancing of at least 6 ft while in the spa.
  • We are cashless with credit card transactions only. For your convenience you can set up a customer account via our secure portal to go completely contact-less and receive invoices via text or e-mail to pay from your personal device.
  • Reduced occupancy: We closely monitor the total number of people in the spa and are taking measures to keep the number of people in spa as low as possible:
    • Prior to entering the spa, please call 425.908.7487 or reply HERE to any text from Suds and wait for our response. This allows us to ensure the lobby is clear before you enter the spa.
    • Self-Wash: Tubs are at reduced capacity with one pet parent per dog/tub and is by appointment only.
    • Full-Service Grooming: One pet parent for drop-off and pick-up.
    • A la carte services for nail trims, teeth brushing, gland expression, and touch up trims are currently available by appointment only. While these services are quick, we will ask pet parents to exit the spa and wait for text/call to re-enter for pick up after the service(s) is completed.
  • Appointment spacing: we are creating extra space between all appointments on our grooming schedule to reduce client overlap for pet-drop off/pick-up. It is always our goal to keep your confirmed appointment time as we appreciate that your schedules are busy. We thank you in advance for your understanding and flexibility if we contact you to ask if your drop-off or pick-up time can be shifted by 10-15 minutes to reduce traffic at the spa.
  • Please contact us to re-schedule your appointment without penalty if:
    • You are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms.
    • You are awaiting test results.
    • You are in home isolation.
          We will do our best to get you back on the schedule as soon as safely possible and there is no cancellation 

          fee if the reason is COVID-19 related even if same day as long as you contact us before your scheduled

          appointment time.

Please contact us if you require a special accommodation for your Suds visit (need to bring a helper to handle the doggos, etc.). We will always try our best to accommodate your specific need so letting us know in advance helps for planning.

Thank you!!!