Self-Service Bath

We make giving your pup a bath fun, easy, and fast! 

Our large tubs are waist high with walk-in ramps for large or elderly dogs and drop-in trays to elevate our smaller friends. No bending or lifting required. Shampoos are all-natural and organic designed to clean, nourish, and condition the skin and coat. A variety of formulas are available for specific coat conditions and desired results. Our team is here to support the health of your pet through grooming. We can show you how to use the equipment, suggest bathing products, and provide basic grooming tips for success. 

Self-wash service includes everything you need:

  • all-natural shampoos and conditioner
  • detangling spray
  • ear cleaner
  • toothbrush

  • towels
  • brushes
  • professional, high velocity hand dryers
  • aprons


Small, up to 25​lbs

Medium, up to 50lbs

Large, up to 90lbs

XLarge, over 90lbs






Senior Tuesdays: Humans 65 and older receive 10% off self-wash and any retail purchase

Military Discount: 10% off self-wash and any retail purchase

Sibling discount: $2.00 of second pup if bathed in the same tub

K9 Dogs: Self-wash complimentary any day

Adopt a dog from a rescue or shelter? Bring in your adoption paperwork within the first 2 months for a complimentary self-service wash. Thank you for saving a life! 

We cannot support flea baths in the Self-service and appreciate your understanding.  Please ask us about our all natural flea and tick treatment in full service grooming as well as our retail products for chemical-free pest control at home.

Self-service baths are currently by appointment only and current rabies vaccination is required.   One pet parent per dog in response to COVID-19.  If you require a helper, give us a call to make an accomodation for your visit. Appointments can be made on-line 24/7 or please contact us to make the booking for you at 

[email protected], 425.908.7487.

On-line Appointments

Self-wash Add-ons

              Products                                                          Pro-Services

Spa Package

Facial scrub treatment, paw balm, and cologne spritz.


Facial Scrub

Tearless facial scrub treatments gently exfoliates and removes dirt, tear and food stains.


Paw Balm

Organic, fragrance free balm to soften, heal, and protect damaged pads.  Food-grade ingredients safe if licked.


Conditioning Spritz

Fresh Cotton or Lavender Scent. Certified Organic Oils to moisturize and soothe.


Nail Clip

Basic nail trim.


Nail Grind

Nail trim and file with dremel to shape and smooth nails to the quick.


Gland Expression

External pressure to push fluid out of anal glands.


Teeth Brushing with Breath Spray

Organic Plaque & Tartar Fighting Gel and Spray to clean teeth and freshen breath.


Touch-Up Trim Package

Face, feet, and tail


Face Trim

Touch up around ears, mouth, and eyes


Foot Trim

Shave pads, shape foot


Tail Trim

Sanitary trim around belly and bottom.