Spa Upgrades

Indulge your pet with a variety of treatments and services.

Upgrades and add-ons available with any full service booking.

Spa Upgrades

Therapeutic Mud Treatment

All-natural, detergent-free skin treatment to cleanse, detoxify, heal, and protect naturally and organically.

starting at $35

Shed Control Treatment

Sweet Orange and Coconut shampoo and conditioner release the undercoat to significantly reduce shedding, dander, and allergens and hydrate. Additional brush out removes loose hair.

starting at $20

Flea & Tick Natural Bath

Lavender, Cedar, and Peppermint Oils repel fleas, ticks and mosquitos to prevent infestation. Safe and effective with no harsh chemicals. Pyrethrin and Permethrin-free.


Spa Add-ons

All add-ons available with a full service booking.  Hair trims are already included with full-groom.

Spa Package

Teeth brushing with breath spray and pawdicure to pamper feet.



Soothing mud treatment to hydrate and soothe dry, cracked paws. Paw balm will protect, nourish, and heal.


Pawdicure Deluxe

Foot trim, soothing mud treatment and paw balm.


Paw Balm

Organic, fragrance free balm to soften, heal, and protect damaged pads. Food-grade ingredients are safe if licked


Mud Paw Treatment

Soothing mud treatment to hydrate, nourish, and heal dry, cracked paws and between the toes.


Nail Polish

Water based, non-toxic polish.

Front only, $10

All paws, $16 

$10, $16

Teeth Brushing with Breath Spray

Organic Plaque & Tartar Fighting Gel and Spray to clean teeth and freshen breath.


Touch-Up Trim Package

Face, feet, and tail


Face Trim

Touch up around mouth and eyes


Foot Trim

Shave pads, shape foot


Tail Trim

Sanitary trim around belly and bottom 



$15 for 15 minutes

$1/minute additional