Before you Arrive:

  • Take your dog for a quick walk, play a quick game of fetch or some other physical activity before coming in. Releasing some physical energy will help your dog settle in more easily when arriving at the spa.
  • Give your dog a chance to go potty before coming in. We have complimentary pet waste bags available outside the front of the store and also at reception if needed.
  • Brush out your pet’s coat thoroughly to loosen any fur, mats, or tangles. Water and bathing will tighten the fur and mats so setting up the coat will and give you a better result. Detangling sprays and tools are available for use at the spa for tough spots.
  • Please keep your dogs leashed and an eye on them at all times.
  • If using self-wash, please wear rubber soled shoes for safety.

Common Questions

Is there a time limit on the self-wash?

No there isn’t. The self-wash service is designed to offer the ultimate convenience for our two and four legged clients for a fun, high quality experience in a short duration of time. Our bays are fully stocked with everything you need from start to finish within arm’s reach. Our team will show you how to use all products and equipment and provide tips for bathing and drying your dog. The typical  time at the bay runs about 35 minutes and varies depending on the size, coat, and temperament of the pup.

My dog is really shy around new people and dogs so I’m not sure how he’ll do in the spa. Can I bring him in?

Absolutely! Give us a call and we’ll develop a plan with you for a paws-itive outcome to reduce the stress and anxiety for the both of you. For instance, we might suggest that you bring your pup to visit with us at the spa to meet our team and be showered with attention and lots of tasty treats. Depending on how he does we might then walk him through the spa while offering more treats to get familiar with noises and other visitors or we may decide to delay the walk through for a next visit. Actual spa service would happen at a follow up visit after your pup has developed a positive association to the spa environment.

Can I bring my human children to help with the self wash?

In the short term we can only allow one family member per pet due to COVID-19 guidance.

We encourage family fun time while caring for your pet and will be able to accomodate kids as soon as our occupany restrictions are lifted.  We have kid sized aprons and step stools so that the kiddos can be involved and help.  

Can I bathe my two dogs together in one tub?

Our tubs are large and roomy so as long as they can fit comfortably you can. We have drop in trays for smaller dogs that can hold two or provide a safe separation for a little one sharing a tub with a medium/large sibling. We discount $2 off of the second dog for tub sharing.

If they don’t fit, or don’t like sharing we do have sturdy leash holders at each bay so you can safely and securely keep one close by while the other is in the tub and then switch.

For full services will my dog be put in a kennel?

With our Express services we start your dog once they arrive and continue to work on him until completed to greatly reduce  his total time in the spa and in a kennel.  Your dog may not go into a kennel at all, however if he does, it will be for a short period of time, usually at the end of the groom when he’s waiting to be picked up.

Do you groom cats?

We can groom cats depending on the type of service needed.  Please call us to discuss the specific service and an estimate.